Dr. Melissa
Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM

Graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1999 – received specialized training in Avian & Exotic Medicine and Surgery, Usui Reiki Master

Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital in Howard Lake, Minnesota. She specializes in using Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements for complete and natural care of all animals.

Dr. Shelton is dedicated to advancing and documenting the use of truly medical grade essential oils in animals and debunking common myths of their use.

In March of 2011, Dr. Shelton dedicated her veterinary clinic solely to the advancement of veterinary aromatherapy.

She passionately shares her knowledge as an instructor and researcher regarding essential oil use for animals and has authored two books on the subject: “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care” and the recently released “Animal Desk Reference.”

You can find out more about Dr. Melissa and her practice on her web site http://www.crowriveranimalhospital.com

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