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Dan C. Purser, MD

Dr. Purser- 2010 Convention Speaker

Dr. Purser’s firm belief is everyone needs preventive medicine, they just don’t know it yet. Most won’t ever know they need it because they’ll die prematurely. Don’t be like most. Dr. Purser believes in the biological age reduction benefits of certain therapies such as modern Hormone Replacement Therapy, emphasizing natural replacements as first and foremost. Through these therapies,

Dr. Purser believes that you can unwind once thought of intractable diseases.

Dr. Purser was from the graduating class of 1981, Brigham Young University. Dr. Purser graduated from “Old Miss” (the University of Mississippi, School of Medicine) where he completed medical school near the top of his class.

Dr. Purser began with a practice in family medicine with an emphasis on geriatrics during the 1980’s. In the late 1990’s, coupled with his prior education and vast experience with aging patients, Dr. Purser continued with in depth medical studies and interests in neurological studies, with an emphasis in pituitary dysfunction, as well as intensive preventive care of the body, and how these inter-relate. With Dr. Purser’s vastly accumulated experience, he’s enjoyed tremendous success with his patients in both his preventive medicine and traumatic brain injury practices since the late 1990’s.

These intense studies and long standing experience in the medical profession have led Dr. Purser to be a very unique contributor to an outstanding text book for physicians “Program 120 A Physician’s Handbook on Proactive Preventive Medicine”. This text is used as his curriculum in educating fellow physicians throughout the United States and abroad. Dr. Purser’s current writings include a book directly addressing the issues of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and the use of natural replacements and modern HRT practices in taming this beast and beating it. Dr. Purser is a long standing Utah Medical Association delegate with honors, certificates and outstanding achievements from the American Medical Association. Also Dr. Purser is currently doing research in Cardiology and Endocrinology.

In Dr. Purser’s spare time, he teaches Sunday school to 9 year olds, enjoys the outdoors, fishing, cross country skiing and traveling with his wife and children.

Learn more about Dr. Dan Purser on his web site http://www.danpursermd.com/

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